High-Definition Surveying (HDS) is an innovative tool that takes the guess work out of surveying. The data is acquired by a small laser beam that scans or sweeps across objects and measures millions of points with XYZ values. These measurements form a point cloud that can be easily converted to AutoCAD, MicroStation, and many other formats for use by many different types design professionals.

High Definition Laser Scanning is quickly becoming the new standard as a way to make very accurate measurements in complicated environments. It creates highly accurate three-dimensional images for use in standard computer-aided design software packages such as Auto Cad and Microstation. This powerful technology allows performing traditional land surveying services more quickly and accurately and opens up new ways of providing value to our clients.

High-Definition Surveying or 3D Laser Scanning solves even the most complex land surveying and engineering problems. This cutting edge technology allows for accurate measurements from places that are impossible or too dangerous to measure. The amazing high definition scans and digital photo images provide a greater level of confidence and accuracy to any project. With HDS techniques, clients can expect a superior survey, therefore the risk of design error is dramatically reduced. HDS or Laser Scanning Survey provides an unobtrusive method to obtain highly accurate survey information in all types of complicated environments quickly and efficiently, under any lighting conditions, regardless of site conditions.

Our HDS services Include:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Architectural Surveys
  • Interior & Exterior As-built Surveys
  • Transportation Surveys
  • Planimetric surveys
  • Forensic Documentation
  • Industrial Plant Surveys
  • Asset Management

Cost Saving and Value Added Benefits:

  • Faster results equals lower cost Topographic and As-Built Surveys
  • Reduction or elimination of costly “return visits” to the site
  • Superior quality data
  • Safer and unobtrusive data capture